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We can help you gain an NVQ/QCF qualification whilst you are at work. You will be helped by a friendly trainer and assessor, who will make the whole course simple and will provide you with any training and support you need to help you achieve the qualification.

You will be given easy to follow training resources that will explain what you need to do. Your employer must be prepared to support you in undertaking this course. By obtaining a recognised qualification you may increase your chances of promotion or of obtaining another job in the future.


You don’t need any qualifications to start the course although check you meet the relevant criteria for the course you are interseted in by contacting us or downloading the revelant application form via the courses page. We can help you with any additional special needs that you may have.

You’re earning while you’re learning!

How much is your qualification worth? Work out how much the qualification you are working towards will earn you over a lifetime. The following tables use official Government figures to show the average weekly earnings of people with qualifications at different ‘levels’.

Earning and unemployment rates for people with different qualification levels:

  None Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 or above
Average weekly
wage in pounds (£)
190 208 225 280 410
rate in percent
12.2 8.8 9.2 6 4.3

So if we do some simple calculations we can see the gain in earnings for doing a Level 2 qualification:
225 – 208 = £17 (in a week)
52 X 17 = £884 (in a year)
40 X 884 = £35,360 (in 40 years)

So what are you waiting for? - invest in your future with us today!

What our learners say

"I think the course is well worth doing and has helped me a lot with my job." Sean B.

"The course is beneficial as there are lots of things it reminds you of. I think all staff should take the NVQ." Anthony B.

"It was very helpful because I lacked in self belief. I have a greater understanding of English and therefore am more confident in reading and writing. Thank you for providing us with these opportunities and thanks to my very helpful assessor." Ashaq H .

"It was fun doing this course - enjoyed maths more here than I did at school." Gulwanaz G .