Safer Recruitment Policy |
  1. All positions at Norton Webb Ltd require a DBS disclosure as all positions may involve contact with learners, some of whom may be vulnerable adults.
  2. All candidates will be required to complete a company application form, which gives details of gaps in employment and suitable references. The company application form also contains a self-disclosure form in relation to criminal convictions.
  3. References will be sought for applicants prior to interview.
  4. Candidates invited to attend for interview will be asked to bring proof of identity and eligibility to work in the United Kingdom.
  5. Conditional offers of appointment will be made subject to satisfactory recruitment checks, including references and satisfactory DBS disclosure.
  6. DBS disclosures will be kept in a confidential file for a period of 6 months to allow recruitment decisions to be made. At the end of 6 months the DBS disclosure will be destroyed in line with our Safe Handling and Storage Policy.
  7. In the event that the disclosure shows a criminal record the HR Director (verifying officer) will make a decision on the suitability of the candidate/employee for employment and will at all times take into account the requirements of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.
  8. It is our policy that any offence that involves the supply of drugs; or any offence of a sexual or violent nature will not be considered spent in any circumstance. In such instances, and in instances of unspent criminal records, the HR Director will arrange a meeting in private with the employee/candidate to discuss the nature of the offence and any mitigating circumstances, and a decision will be made on the applicant/employee’s suitability for (continued) employment based on the facts and a risk analysis.
  9. All staff will be required to undertake Safeguarding training within the first 10 months of their employment. This training will be updated on an annual basis.