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Untangling your training needs

In these difficult times, employers can do their part by providing opportunities to develop their teams to help improve efficiency, quality and results. By seeing potential and developing employee skills, not only will your business benefit from their ambition and motivation, you will be giving your team the chance to flourish.

Who we are

We are an award winning training provider who specialise in providing high quality accredited training which can be designed around your particular business needs. With over 20 years of experience in delivering training, our team offer a high quality provision that meets the needs of individual learners and their employers.

Our results speak for themselves – over 90% success rates for qualifications and above national averages for Apprenticeships.

We can help individuals to gain a nationally recognised qualification with fully-funded training, delivered in the workplace.

What we can offer you

We are able to offer training courses which can be tailored to your organisation in Business & Administration, Customer Service, Team Leading, Management, Hospitality, Cleaning, Retail, Health & Social Care, Childcare, Transport, Information Technology, Communication Skills and Numeracy Skills in the Yorkshire & Humber and North West regions. We offer level 2 and 3 qualifications in most subjects.

How much will this opportunity cost me?

Most of our training is provided through Government and ESF funding. In order to access this funding, you should be prepared to release your staff for training during their normal working hours. Apprenticeships since 6 May 2018 are now subject to the Apprenticeship Levy.

Mission Statement

Norton Webb’s mission is to create a desire for lifelong learning amongst the local community. We do this by helping to remove real or perceived barriers to training, development and education.

Our aims are to:

  • To sustain and grow our business
  • To fulfill contract values with colleges and other partners
  • To engage with local employers and learners
  • To deliver training to meet their individual needs
  • To maximise learning potential for our students
  • To motivate and encourage learners to achieve recognized qualifications
  • To achieve excellent levels of retention and achievement

Supporting Learning Abroad

Norton Webb Ltd is keen to support educational initiatives overseas and is committed to making improvements in other people’s lives. As a result Norton Webb sponsors Ripple Africa in a variety of projects to give others a chance of improved education and a better life. Ripple Africa is a charity that recognises individual potential and promotes local education in Africa.