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Ingrid Foley (nee Fenney), Senior HCA, Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care L2

Ingrid started as a cleaner at Orchard Manor when I first met her 3 years ago. She gained a position as Health Care Assistant an undertook an Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care L2 with Norton Webb. Because of her past education history she had self doubts about taking on the course. Once she started her training she flourished and completed her course in good time. Ingrid then gained the post of Team Leader.

Her name was put forward to NHS Northwest for an award. She gained the 'Most improved learner award' in the North West.The photos attached show her with the award presented to her by a NHS representative. Also with her assessor, Mike, on behalf of Norton Webb.

Ingrid is now in the process of completing her level 3 HSC plus she has been promoted again to Senior HCA.

Mike adds "I would like to think that we at Norton Webb have contributed to her ongoing progress"

Dawn Hendry · Nursery Manager · L2 Certificate in Team Leading and Management

"I am finding the Level 2 qualification in Team Leading and Management incredibility educational and valuable. The units are facilitating me in my role at the pre-school nursery, developing my knowledge, skills and confidence. The accompanying workbook is full of relevant information and is easy to understand and follow, with my tutor who guides me progressively through each unit. I am learning lots of information and I’m happy with my progress."

Jade Howard · Care Assistant · Advanced Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care

“I am finding the course very educational and beneficial to my role as a care assistant. The individual units are helping me to develop the knowledge and skills required to perform my role to the best of my ability. The workbook that I received is easy to understand and offers guidance on how to complete the work, alongside this I have fortnightly meetings with my tutor who guides me in applying my knowledge into my work role and supports me with any issues that I have about the course or my progress. I am very happy with my progress, it’s challenging at times but with the support I have I will succeed!”

Sarah Keating · Care Assistant · L2 Diploma & Advanced Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care

“I initially signed up at the beginning of this year to the Level 2 Diploma in Health & Social Care which I successfully completed in July 2011. The training I received was great, the tutor was very knowledgeable about the topic and was always available to help. The workbook was easy to follow and I got additional information to help me and regular training meetings. I have now signed up for the level 3 advanced apprenticeship and looking forward to it.”

Anthony Sanderson · Kitchen Staff · L2 Diploma in Hospitality Services & L1 Literacy & Numeracy

"I have nearly completed my Level 2 qualification in Hospitality with Gultasab. I have been working through my folder and I see him every two weeks, he is really friendly and makes sure I have understood every unit of the qualification. I am also doing Level 1 Literacy and Numeracy with Sharon, I have learnt lots of things such as spelling and fractions. Sharon is a really nice person as well."

Sabitha Joseph · Personal Support Worker · Intermediate Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care

"I chose this course to develop my knowledge and improve my skills. I have gained more confidence from the course already and have only been doing it since May. My assessor, Lorna visits me at work every two weeks and she discusses the workbook and the unit that we are looking at that visit. She has also refreshed my memory of Numeracy & Literacy. I am enjoying the course as it is improving my skills that I need for my challenging work role. I would recommend the course to my friends and colleagues."

Edward Ciucci · Care Assistant · Intermediate Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care

"My assessor meets me regularly and really helps me to learn new skills and techniques. The workbook is broken down into different topics, which is good as I can work at my own pace.

The course helps me to understand why I do what I do and my boss is happier because I am a better care worker. I would like to go on to complete my Level 3 when I finish my Level 2 with Norton Webb."

Marta Szwedek · Care Assistant · L2 Diploma in Health & Social Care

"I was very happy to do my NVQ in Health and Social Care with Norton Webb. They provided me with a workbook, which is fantastic. The information in the book is very clear, easy to understand and helpful. Also I have the support of my Norton Webb Assessor who explained and discussed the whole course with me. I meet my assessor every week, which I think is fantastic as it helps me to be up to date with my progress and gives me a chance to ask questions and discuss my worries. This course has given me new opportunities and developed my skills, knowledge and practice."

Neema Nyankena · Care Assistant · Literacy & Numeracy

"I'm taking my Literacy and Numeracy qualifications with Norton Webb, and I have to say that it's been a really pleasurable experience. I'm about halfway through my course and to be quite honest I was a little bit nervous about going back into education after such a long time. I didn't have anything to worry about though, the tutor comes every week and we have a good look at all those little things that haven't been done since I left school. It's amazing how it all comes flooding back after just a few hours tuition!

I can't believe that I'll soon have both my qualifications. It's all done on a one-to-one basis so you really get some good quality learning time. I couldn't recommend it highly enough and the best part is that it's all free! It's government funded so it doesn't cost my boss or me anything. It's what I would call a "win win" situation!"

Paul Smith · Support Worker · Advanced Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care

"The opportunity of taking the Health & Social Care Advanced Apprenticeship was offered to me by my employer. At first I thought I would be too old, but my commitment to my Service Users that I care for meant that I should look into further training. I meet with my assessor Lorna each fortnight and she explains the units of the course as well as the Maths & English, which are also part of the course. I would recommend this course to anybody, of any age, who is in the Care profession."

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